Diagnosis of sleep apnea

Classically, sleep apnea is diagnosed with the help of a sleep laboratory measurement. For patients, this means a night’s stay in the sleep laboratory, outside of their usual environment. There are also numerous cables that are attached to the patient in order to derive a wide variety of parameters.

For this reason, we have been working on improving outpatient diagnostics for years.

In den letzten Jahren führt der Weg in der Diagnostik weg von der Erfassung rein deskriptiver Werte, hin zur Erfassung integrierter physiologischer Parameter, wie dem peripheren-arteriellen Tonus („PAT-technology"). The PAT technology was often viewed critically in the past due to the fully automated evaluation mechanism. With the help of the manual PAT scoring, the COMPASS-Study jedoch erstmals auch bei der manuellen Auswertung eine der Polysomnographie vergleichbare Sensitivität und Spezifität nachgewiesen werden. Auch zentrale Atmungsstörungen werden vollständig erfasst.

This technology is very similar to a mobile outpatient sleep laboratory for use in patients at home.

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